1. How do I change my template or installation date? If you would like to or need to 

reschedule your template date please contact at least 48 hours before your scheduled template date. The same applies to the rescheduling of an installation appointment. 

2. When can I expect to be contacted to schedule my template date?

Generally you will be contacted within 1 working day from receipt of your order by Atlantis Marble and Granite. If you have not received a call please contact 774-220-0808

3. How long does it take to get my countertops installed after my template has been completed?

If upon template no changes have been identified by Atlantis Marble and Granite your new countertops will be scheduled for installation with-in 10 business days*. Atlantis Marble and Granite will contact you to confirm an installation date. 

If changes are required, those changes will be communicated to the customer for review of those changes and to make arrangements for additional payment. Once this is completed and Atlantis Marble and Granite has been notified to proceed, your countertops will be installed within 10 business days*. 

4. What if I am not home at the promised date & time of template or installation? 

Atlantis Marble and Granite will leave a note confirming that they attempted to complete the appointment. Atlantis Marble and Granite will return when rescheduled. A rescheduling fee may apply before install commences.

*During peak periods this time could vary.